Curated by Nicolas Denicourt
June 22nd 2017 - May 6th 2018
Galerie Blanc

  • Benoit Paillé (Trois-Rivières, Canada)
  • Synchrodogs (Ukraine)
  • Delaney Allen (Portland, USA)
  • Valérie Blass (Montréal, Canada)

For its first ever exhibition, Blanc brings together captivating artwork by photographers Delaney Allen, Benoit Paillé, Synchrodogs, and visual artist Valérie Blass. From Ukraine, Montreal and Portland USA, these artists, all from different cultural backgrounds, offer a sensitive yet critical viewpoint on the interactions between man and nature. To represent this exploration, the gallery proposes an open-sky tour that takes its visitor to the dividing line between reality and fantasy. Dreamlike autoportraits, misty landscapes and vivid colours are captured in a raw and spontaneous manner suggesting a new way of seeing our surroundings. An invitation to revisit our perspective on reality, proposed by the artists